Touching Cellulose

Next generation of wood architecture. Architecture and the building industry are in need of a paradigm shift, due to the…

Ca(pa)ble Bridge

Explore a diverse range of bridge designs and construction processes undertaken by TU Delft’s Archineering students, from analyzing iconic bridges to showcasing their own innovative projects, all aimed at promoting sustainability in bridge architecture.

Husene i skogen | Helen & Hard | 2023

“The goal behind Husene I Skogen, “The Houses in the Forest”, was to develop a new typology that takes into consideration the unique qualities of the site and make them perceptible to the residents and neighbouring communities.”

Doughnut for Urban Development – A manual

Applying doughnut economics to urban development, our Manual serves as a practical tool for the industry, globally inspired by successful cases in cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen. It evaluates and enhances both social and planetary sustainability, considering local and global dimensions.


GWG Tübingen’s award-winning new building, constructed between 2019 and 2022, showcases sustainable architecture with a clear yet reserved stance, featuring resource-saving timber construction and a bright, pleasant interior.


Caisse d’Épargne Bourgogne Franche-Comté’s new headquarters in Dijon showcases sustainable design with a prominent use of timber, emphasizing flexibility, visibility, and energy efficiency.

Between The Trees

The exhibition “Between the Trees” brings these aspects together and, using the example of international projects and works from the fields of design and art, conveys an awareness of the essential basis of life that trees in urban space represent for people and animals. Specifically, it is about increasing the appreciation and integration of the tree in the urban context or in urban space.


Discover busterminal-churwalden’s unique design with lamellas connecting insight and perspective. A dynamic blend of indoor and outdoor spaces invites you to experience the in-between, where needs converge creatively.

Tree of Culture

 European Spruce (Picea Abies) has evergreen leaves and likes to grow in deep, wet soils.Once harvested it can be turned…

How much wood can we expect from European forests in the near future?

Bas J W Lerink, Mart-Jan Schelhaas, Roland Schreiber, Peter Aurenhammer, Uwe Kies, Morgan Vuillermoz, Philippe Ruch, Cyrille Pupin, Andrew Kitching, Gary Kerr, Louise Sing, Amanda Calvert, Áine Ní Dhubháin, Maarten Nieuwenhuis, Jordi Vayreda, Patrick Reumerman, Göran…


FUNCTIONALITY The development of special air chambers minimizes the swelling and shrinking behavior of the wooden components in all three…


StructureCraft is an engineering and construction company specializing in the design, fabrication, and installation of innovative timber and hybrid structures.


LignoAlp specializes in creating unique projects, working with great care and the utmost respect for the architectural project . They have many years…

Baubuche | Pollmeier

Baubuche is a brand of LVL made by the German company, Pollmeier. Baubuche is made from beech wood veneers that…

Laminated Bamboo | Moso

Moso laminated bamboo refers to a type of bamboo that has been processed and compressed to create a durable and…

Kerto LVL | Metsä

Kerto LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) is a wood product developed by Metsä Wood, a Finnish wood products company. It is…

Inholz | Brettstapel

Brettstapel is a solid timber construction system fabricated from softwood timber posts connected with hardwood timber dowels. This relatively simple method of construction does not use glues or nails and can be used to make beautiful, low carbon, healthy buildings that are quick and easy to build.


Commissioned by Nice Developers & Era Contour, Mei architects and planners is designing “SAWA”.SAWA is a unique and circular wooden…