Alles in Rahmen

completion | Aug 2022

building-costs | 2.1 million euros

builder | Waldhaus Foundation , D-79100 Freiburg

architecture | stocker . dewes architects bda , D-79117 Freiburg

structural engineering | Engineering office Wirth Haker, D-79100 Freiburg

timber construction | Elztal Holzhaus GmbH, D-77978 Schuttertal

Production of BauBuche components | Pollmeier, D-99831 Creuzburg

The new forest office in Freiburg was designed as a timber construction using wood from the city’s own forest. The Waldhaus Foundation aimed to obtain funding for innovative timber building projects. The building’s design included the use of BauBuche for the supporting structure and an innovative static system. The four-story building features external walls acting as rigid multiple frames, eliminating the need for internal walls. The use of BauBuche and dowel connections ensured high rigidity at the nodes and allowed for column-free corners, creating an aesthetically pleasing and spacious interior. The building was designed to withstand horizontal loads, including wind and earthquake forces.