Tree of Culture

 European Spruce (Picea Abies) has evergreen leaves and likes to grow in deep, wet soils.Once harvested it can be turned … More


FUNCTIONALITY The development of special air chambers minimizes the swelling and shrinking behavior of the wooden components in all three … More

Laminated Bamboo | Moso

Moso laminated bamboo refers to a type of bamboo that has been processed and compressed to create a durable and … More

Inholz | Brettstapel

Brettstapel is a solid timber construction system fabricated from softwood timber posts connected with hardwood timber dowels. This relatively simple method of construction does not use glues or nails and can be used to make beautiful, low carbon, healthy buildings that are quick and easy to build.


The topic of sustainable building with biogenic building materials is increasingly coming to the fore. Sustainability and the complex interaction … More

Ingenieur Holzbau

Downloads and information about products. The Studiengemeinschaft Holzleimbau eV has been publishing specialist publications on timber engineering with glued solid … More

Conceptual Joining

Wood Structures from Detail to Utopia / Holzstrukturen im Experiment Description from the de publisher: This book explores experimental approaches … More

Mono-material Wood Wall

Novel building envelope using subtractive manufacturing of timber profiles to improve thermal performance and airtightness of solid wood construction The … More

Wood Model Making

Christian Kerez, a swiss architect, describes architecture as an “adventure” and an “intellectual work” and follows a design process in … More

Finnjoists (FJI)

​​​​​​​​​​​Metsä Wood Finnjoists (FJI) are manufactured from high-quality oriented strand board (OSB3) web, and flanges made from our own Kerto laminated veneer … More


The Kerto-Ripa panel is a structural engineered timber building element made from glued Kerto members. It is used to create … More


Configurable hollow core timber floor elements. The main focus is on the interior space performance, giving different panels configuration depending … More