The Passive Solar Primer

Publication by David Wright, AIA compiling all necessary features for a climate-conscious building. To be utilized as a starting point … More

Architektur konstruieren

(German) The new edition of the handbook Systematically structured and prepared with the student in mind, the book conveys in … More

Building with Bamboo

Bamboo: a versatile material Traditionally a building material of hot climate zones in Asia and Latin America, bamboo is increasingly … More

Wood and Wood Joints

Building Traditions of Europe, Japan and China Two millennia of wood architecture Building with wood as an ecologically viable material … More

Barkow Leibinger

Spielraum “In the end Barkow Leibinger are bricoleurs as much as they are engineers. . . . There is always … More

Architektur fertigen

Konstruktiver Holzelementbau Traditional timber construction is being increasingly reshaped by industrial production, and its characteristics, principles and possibilities have been … More

Rethinking Wood

Timber Construction 2.0Advances in the materials and the digitalization of architecture bring about new methods in design and construction. Whereas … More

Tomorrow’s Timber

In Tomorrow’s Timber, [by Pablo van der Lugt], new timber innovations are explored, including the materials, products, elements and complete … More

Prefabricated Systems

Building with prefabricated systems For a number of years, modular construction – the use of prefabricated elements in architecture – … More

Bauen mit Laubholz

Der weltweit boomende Holzbau und dessen rasante Entwicklung bis über die Hochhausgrenze hinaus verlangt Hochleistungswerkstoffe, die durch Laubholz möglich werden. … More


Holzaußenwände Hybridbau: ökoeffizient + wirtschaftlich Hyridbau aus Stahlbeton und Holz vereint die Vorteile des Massivbaus mit denen der Holzbauweise und … More

Work-Place Studio Mumbai

Catalogue published in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Work-Place’ produced for the Venice Architecture Biennale in 2010. Studio Mumbai is composed … More

Timber Construction Manual

with some 600 photos and 4000 drawings and plans, the timber Construction Manual is a comprehensive and indispensable reference work … More

Konstruktion und Transformation

Design and make seating furniture using wood! An experimental study project on the subject of furniture making with structural impulses lead to unexpected … More


Detailed revision of the possibilities to build height building with wood, proposing a new system, “The Mass Timber Panel Approach”. Provides detailed analysis of the current situation, possibilities, and constructive solutions. Deep understanding, base on a holistic study case. Every representative builñding part is analyzed and detailed drawings are provided.