Doughnut for Urban Development – A manual

Doughnut Economics combines social, planetary, and economic sustainability into one model. The focus of the model is on balance, aiming to work towards a regenerative and just future where both our planet and society thrive.

In the middle of the doughnut lies the Social Foundation, which defines 12 dimensions that are essential for a good life and a fair society, ranging from affordable quality housing to healthy indoor environments, social services, and good public spaces. It is important that we achieve all 12 dimensions in the Social Foundation.

Outside the doughnut, you’ll find the Planetary Ceiling, which defines the nine most crucial systems on our planet, such as biodiversity and climate change. It is important that we do not exceed any of the nine planetary boundaries.

With the Doughnut for Urban Development we are using doughnut economics as a model for urban development and construction for the first time. Doughnut Economics has previously been used with great success globally and for urban strategies ranging from Amsterdam to Copenhagen.

We have developed the Manual to provide the entire industry with a practical tool to evaluate the sustainability of their projects and what they can do to make them even more sustainable. The manual embraces both social and planetary sustainability and incorporates both local and global dimensions.