Haus T – Psychiatrie Münsterlingen

  • Builder: Hospital Thurgau AG
  • Architecture: Scheitlin Syfrig Architects
  • Project type:Health and care
  • Construction:Wood element construction
  • Services:Wood construction
  • Execution:2022
  • Location:Münsterlingen
  • Country:Switzerland

“Haus T,” completed in 2022 on Klosterstrasse in Münsterlingen, stands out for its strategic use of timber. In a selective competition category, the building’s equilateral, compact design combines a solid base and light wooden construction, creating a distinctive profile reminiscent of a wind turbine.

Situated near the former pathology and community center, “Haus T” forms a cohesive ensemble around a well-proportioned courtyard. The deliberate use of timber, both internally and externally, fosters a comfortable living atmosphere and underscores the building’s commitment to sustainable construction.

This intentional choice of timber reflects a dedication to traditional construction methods in Thurgau, creating a modern, sustainable structure with minimal environmental impact. “Haus T” is a testament to thoughtful design, where the choice of materials plays a crucial role in shaping both aesthetics and functionality.