Advances in Architectural Geometry 2023 – Kathrin Dörfler, Jan Knippers, Achim Menges, Stefana Parascho, Helmut Pottmann,Thomas Wortmann (Eds.)

Geometry stands as the cornerstone of architectural design, influencing everything from initial form-finding to advanced fabrication and building monitoring. It not only shapes environments and processes sensor data but also paves the way for innovative design, analysis, and creation of intricate forms using advanced geometric calculations. With the rising significance of algorithmic processes, there’s an integration of various disciplinary inputs, thus ushering in a new era for architecture. Architectural geometry, as a research domain, is ever-evolving to address the constant challenges of the architectural milieu. The book “Advances in Architectural Geometry 2023” is a compilation of 34 technical papers from the eponymous conference, a biennial event known for showcasing both theoretical and practical geometric advancements. Over its iterations, the conference has emerged as a nexus for research and practice, bridging gaps between academia and industry and promoting interdisciplinary collaboration. This volume covers diverse topics, from parametric design techniques to state-of-the-art computational methods, emphasizing geometry’s pivotal role in sculpting our architectural landscape. The editors extend their gratitude to all contributors, whose expertise has enriched this book, and to the AAG 2023 team for their unwavering support. They invite readers on this enlightening exploration of architectural geometry, hoping to spark innovation and further interdisciplinary engagement in the architectural design realm.