Münsterlingen Psychiatry | Scheitlin-Syfrig | 2022

  • Builder: Hospital Thurgau AG
  • Architecture: Scheitlin Syfrig Architects
  • Project type: Health and care
  • Construction: Wood element construction
  • Services: Wood construction
  • Execution: 2022
  • Location: Münsterlingen
  • Country: Switzerland

In interaction with the former pathology and the community center, a new ensemble is being created on the hospital site, which is arranged around a well-proportioned courtyard. The new building “Haus T” thus receives a clear address, with Klosterstrasse acting as a compositional axis. The new structure shows an equilateral, compact volumetric structure, which has four cantilevered sections like a wind turbine. The point house combines a solid base with a light wooden construction. The materialization creates a homely atmosphere and consciously distances the project from the typical appearance of hospital buildings.