• Architect: Von M
  • Realization: 2019 – 2022
  • LPH: 1 – 8 GFA: 2345 m²
  • Client: GWG Tübingen mbH
  • Location: Tübingen
  • Photos: Zooey Braun
  • Heinze ArchitectureAWARD 2023

GWG Tübingen’s new building, located near the future freight station area, embodies a commitment to sustainability, modern working environments, and social and ecological responsibility. The 3 to 4-storey structure strategically aligns with its surroundings, referencing the height of adjacent buildings and incorporating the terrain’s natural slope for contextual elevation references. Positioned as a mediating element in the diverse development between Reutlingerstrasse and Eisenbahnstrasse, the building projects a clear yet reserved stance.

Internally, the focus on a bright, transparent, and spatially clear design is achieved through simple means—spatial differentiation, precise details, and the use of pure materials. Notably, the entire building, except for the central core and basement, is constructed using pre-elementary timber construction. Construction beech columns and prefabricated ribbed ceilings in wood-concrete composite construction define the building’s aesthetic. This resource-saving and CO2-neutral approach contributes to high overall economic efficiency in both construction and operation.

The choice of natural wooden surfaces for the supporting structure, partition walls, and facade, along with industrial parquet made of solid ash, fosters a friendly and pleasant working environment while aligning with GWG’s ecological principles. The project, realized between 2019 and 2022, has earned recognition, winning the Heinze ArchitectureAWARD 2023. This accolade highlights the successful integration of sustainable timber construction, architectural clarity, and ecological considerations in the GWG Tübingen’s new building.

©Zooey Braun