Architects: Ritter Schumacher

Builder: Bellavita Lai

Year: 2014-2016

At the busterminal-churwalden, each lamella boasts six sides, with one deeply rooted and another reaching out for connection. One side provides insight, another offers perspective, and two sides come together to create an in-between realm.

Experience a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor spaces at the bus terminal in Churwalden. The vertical wooden slats extend towards the treetops on the slope, breathing life into the exterior. As you visit, people enliven the interior by combining their journeys with shopping, creating a vibrant atmosphere. It’s not just an escape; it’s an invitation to embrace the in-between, where various needs converge.

Ingenious ideas and the expertise of our partners led to the development of a construction principle primarily using wood from Churwalden’s local trees. This approach prioritizes ecological responsibility and cost-effectiveness. This exceptional bus station challenges conventions, showcasing how building with wood can respect the environment and people in unique ways. The terminal establishes a connection to the Churwalden portal, revitalizing the center’s significance.