Types of wood | pro: Holz


Release Date: September, 2023

Author: Alfred Teischinger, Anne Isopp, Josef Fellner

Format: hardcover – 21 x 29.7 cm

ISBN: 978-3-95553-619-0

Edition: 1

Which tree species grow in our forest? What are the respective properties and characteristics of their wood and what is it used for? The book presents 24 Central European wood species. The distinguishing features of the tree and the wood are presented in text and images on a double page each, from the cultural history to the wood characteristics and properties to its use. Each type of wood has its own physical and mechanical material characteristics, which are compared in an overview table. These material parameters apply to the entire DACH region. In addition to the illustrations of the wood samples, there are also image pages that show the influence of the cutting direction on the appearance. which wood characteristics and which color spectrum wood has and how the color changes due to UV influence or weathering. In-depth text contributions provide insights into the world of the forest and the special features of the wood. In order to understand why each type of wood has its specific properties and appearance, one must know the structure of the wood.