Werkhalle AWEL | Rossetti + Wyss Architects

Architects: Rossetti + Wyss Architects
Location: Andelfingen District, Switzerland 
Year: 2015
Concept: Timber Construction, Timber Connections
Photos by Jürg Zimmermann

“The workshop is a statement of reduction means, creating a sculptured body made of piled up load-bearing elements. Everything that is necessary is there, with nothing superfluous added”

Mark Aurel Wyss

The construction is made up of 36 solid wood elements, which are layered and stacked to make a simple construction that was assembled in two days. At first glance of the captured photos, the building follows the appearance of a smaller workshop that can be found in a residential zone. This quickly changes to realise the scale of the wood elements, which span 16 meters across and the building with a height of 10 meters on the interior. The simple layering and interlocking connections of the timber pieces are simply scaled versions of log construction.

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