Timber Pavilion of the Vidy-Lausanne Theatre | Atelier Cube and Yves Weinand Architectes sàrl

Architects: Atelier Cube and Yves Weinand Architectes sàrl 
Location: Lausanne, Switzerland
Year: 2017
Concept: Wood Joinery, Pavilion, Timber Research
Photos by Ilka Kramer

The Theater of Vidy-Lausanne construction is completely made of wood utilises folding wood panels as part of the load-bearing structure as well as a facade as a means of creating sloping sides and origami-like shape. The pavilion is the first realisation of a large structure assembled completely using wood joinery. Laboratory for Timber Construction also known as IBOIS, applied their research in this construction to be able to create a supporting structure with a span of 16 to 20 metres without pillars and panel thickness of only 45mm. Yves Weinand was the lead architect on this project and also manages the IBOIS at EPFL since 2004 and applied the principle of utilising timber construction through computational and digital modelling. The laboratory’s research focuses on wood joinery, digital assembly and mechanical optimisation of construction, all of which are highlighted in the timber pavilion. See document (German) for more information.

See Yves Weinand Architectes sàrl’s Website for more information: Website

See IBOIS’ website for more information of timber research being conducted: Lab Website