The Passive Solar Primer | David Wright

Publication by David Wright, AIA compiling all necessary features for a climate-conscious building. To be utilized as a starting point tool to gain a better understanding of the interconnected systems and designs concepts required to create more sustainable building designs.

Book Description: Architect David Wright is a pioneer in passive solar architecture, and his thoughts and experiments have helped shape the evolution of solar design throughout the world. His years of exploration are distilled in this comprehensive book, which provides simple graphics and language to illuminate concepts including the greenhouse effect, heat storage, surface-to-volume ratio, ventilation, and cooling. Tips, rules-of-thumb, regional characteristics, and many other considerations are presented to help readers, from initial site selection to visionary design. Written for architects, designers, and others who seek to tap the free resources offered by earth and the sun, this invaluable tool will help reduce dependence on outside energy sources. You will be inspired.

Book available as a hardcopy: Gazelle