Rynetel Wildlife Passage | Häring | Aarvia Bau AG

Project Planning and Completed: Häring, Aarvia Bau AG
Location: A1 motorway, Suhr, Switzerland
Year 2020
Concept: CLT Construction
Photos by Banziger Partner

Wooden overpass with 17-meter span arch construction between concrete walls. This project provides a safe crossing for wild animals like deer and wild boars over the A1 motorway. 156 curved Switzerland spruce beams, constructed off-site through individual lamination, pressure-impregnated, glued and then bent to create the curve form of the tunnel-like interior. Each of the beams were placed individually, which took approximately 15 minutes each, and then a secondary glulam limber structure was placed and finished with a laminated veneer lumber sealant layer. The bridge was then covered with earth and planned to blend with the surrounding forest environment.

See Haring’s website announcement of the completion of the project: Website

Download PDF of project completion: Document