Graduation 2021 | Universal Modular Building

Universal Modular Building by Axel Beem, Masters of Architecture TU Delft, Architecture & Engineering: 1 Million Homes Thesis Studio (2020-2021)

Mentor: Parravicini, M
Research Mentor: Stoutjesdijk, P.M.M.
Building Technology Mentor: Koskamp, G.

This project has been about taking a first step towards developing a radically innovative circular building system, with the double goal of vastly reducing climatic impact of building construction, as well as strongly reducing costs to aid the current housing crisis. The first step in this project has been research into the reusability of building elements. As part of this process a factor based rating method was developed that can be used to evaluate how well specific building elements score on reusability. After this, both a building system -including the most rudamentary building elements – and two different building designs in strongly differing contexts were developed.

Except from abstract, Axel Beem

The final outcome of this project streamlines the appearances and functions of modular construction with timber. The design system was tested in universal usability by comparing applications in Amsterdam and Jakarta to show the potential flexibility. In the end, it is suggested that the system is able to reduce both the climatic impact and economic costs for constructing in the built environment.

See TU Delft Repository for Master Thesis outcomes and documents: TU Delft Repository