Robotic Reversible Timber Beam

Idea by: Roberto Naboni | Anja Kunic | Aljaz Kramberger

CREATE – University of Southern Denmark

Campusvej 55, Odense, Denmark

Robotic Reversible Timber Beam (R2TB) is a structure prototype which looks into Circular Construction aided by Human-Robot Collaboration. It is a four-meter long beam, composed of 696 universal building blocks made of wood, and embedding reversible connections. These create a structure which has a capacity to update and evolve its configuration in time. The beam has been developed through computational methods for structural optimization, voxel-based tectonic and structural discretization.

The project fuses advancements in performance-driven combinatorial design, timber building technology and smart robotic production, paving the way to a novel approach in architecture. It has been manufactured through a participatory effort of collaborative robots and humans, in which machines and people help and integrate each other. Reconfiguration, flexibility and reversibility are some of the key features of the developed construction system.