Pyramidenkogel, tallest timber observation tower.

Architects: Lend Architektur

Design: 2007
Execution: 2012 – 2013
Status: Realized

The project, which emerged from an architectural competition, has quickly established itself as a landmark in Carinthia.
The architecture of this award-winning project puts its predecessors from 1950 and 1968 in the shade and helps the operators achieve extraordinary economic success.
Up to the top of the antenna, the observation tower on Pyramidenkogel reaches a total height of 100 m, making it the highest wooden observation tower in the world. The twisted shape of the tower is created by ten elliptical rings, each of which are offset by 22.5 degrees at a distance of 6.40 m and, together with 80 steel diagonal struts, form the reinforcement for the main structure made of 16 larch glued laminated timber supports. The spiral shape symbolizes growth and development. Based on a female torso, made of local larch and steel, the sculpture in the landscape is a special kind of tourist attraction. The tower structure extends over 10 standard levels, with two exposed viewing platforms arranged above it. Level 9 was enclosed weatherproof as a “SKYBOX”. A slide that goes down from a height of 51.36 m offers a special kick.