Pyramidenkogel, tallest timber observation tower.

Architects: Lend Architektur

Design: 2007
Execution: 2012 – 2013
Status: Realized

The 41 meter high construction (3 highest wooden tower in Switzerland) convinces the experts. It stands there like an abstracted mighty tree that has lost its crown. Between spruces and pines, ash trees and oaks. The tower rises exactly 41.5 meters above the forest floor and clings to the ground with 16 micropiles. Just like a tree does with its roots. Since June, the lookout tower in the Hardwald forest district can be “climbed” – by hikers, joggers, dog walkers and all those who come along the forest path. Situated north of Zurich – between the municipalities of Bassersdorf, Dietlikon, Wallisellen, Opfikon and Kloten – the slightly hilly recreation area covers around 920 hectares of forest… Those who want to get all the way up there should be good on foot: only after 210 steps is the uppermost of the four viewing platforms reached. A total of seven types of wood were used: spruce and fir were used for the supporting structure, the semi-open formwork is made of pine, and the platforms and stairs are made of ash and larch. Douglas fir was used for the cornices, and oak for the surrounding furniture. The substructure of the top terrace floor is made of acacia. The woods were only available in limited quantities in each case, and the architects used them according to their properties.