The topic of sustainable building with biogenic building materials is increasingly coming to the fore. Sustainability and the complex interaction of design and ecological use of resources for planning living spaces demand healthy materials. The Funderplan biofibre board was developed especially for a healthy living environment with an optimal indoor climate.

Our high-density wood fibre board Funderplan is manufactured in our special production process from fresh fibre wood from certified sustainable forestry with the use of generated, renewable energy without artificial adhesives. Compared to conventional wood-based materials produced with petroleum-based glues, we activate the natural resins contained in the wood fibres, creating an unadulterated natural product. This is what makes our Funderplan so unique.

Thus, Funderplan creates extraordinarily good living space quality and thus has a positive effect on comfort as well as hygiene and on the health of residents and users. The indoor climate becomes an experience. Funderplan demonstrably guarantees living and working without exposure to unnatural emissions, even in projects for children and elderly or particularly health-sensitive people. The result is rooms in which you can live with a clear conscience and recharge your batteries.