ON6 | TREE – Timber Workshop

Timber kit

The 3 hour workshop starts with each student receiving a “Timber Kit”. In it, they found the materials that were used for the 2 workshop days. Each day there was a specific exercise challenging to make decisions on the tectonics and detailing when working with wood.

Wood as a building element can be conceived under three basic categories. As a stereotomic volume, as linear tectonic elements or as planar surfaces. From them, you can create infinite compositions. This can be seen in many different scales, from entire multi-storey timber structures to the detailing of a timber facade module.

The first exercise of this workshop takes the larger scale, where you can combine these different forms of timber materials to create a supporting structure.

The second exercise, will take on a smaller scale to create a detailed timber facade module, while still using the same materials.

These exercises give you an idea of the potential of the different ways and scales that can go when building with timber.