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Timber building consumer perception in the Netherlands

A very recent, large consumer survey in the Netherlands came to similar results regarding the need for knowledge of end-users. Of the over 1000 random adult respondents with intentions to move houses, almost 2/3 was not aware of the possibility of timber houses (62%). About half of the respondents (48%) mentioned a neutral position towards a timber house, 31% had a positive attitude, and 21% had a negative attitude. Of these with a negative or neutral position, the main reasons/perceptions as to not wanting a timber house were: fire danger (37%), higher maintenance / lower durability (36%) and expected noise problems (24%). For those with an interest in living in a timber house, the main reasons were the sustainability (44%), the natural look (41%) and quicker construction (36%). Based on the intention to consider a timber house for rent or purchase, the results of the survey show that the market potential of timber building is 35% of the population with an intent to move. If myths regarding timber building can be taken away, the market potential can increase substantially (05).