10 myths about net-zero targets and carbon offsetting, busted | Article

Initiated by the Researchers Desk and written by 41 authors, all of which have a background in research or education ranging from climate science, environmental sciences, and economics. The article was initially published in Swedish Newspaper Dagen Nyheter and then published on Climate Change News

Carbon neutrality targets are often not as ambitious as they sound, relying on problematic carbon offsets and unproven technologies By 41 scientists The idea of carbon offsetting, which underpins so-called net zero targets, is founded on a number of myths. In many cases, offsetting relies on capturing carbon in vegetation and soils. Such capacity is however limited and is needed to store carbon dioxide that we have already emitted. Assumptions of future technologies and targets decades ahead delay immediate action. Countries and corporations must shift focus from distant net zero targets to real emissions reductions now. The impacts of the climate crisis are becoming increasingly severe, everywhere. We are experiencing heat waves, floods, droughts, forest fires and sea level rise as a result of global heating. The average global temperature is rising at an unprecedented rate, rapidly diminishing the prospect of keeping global warming below 1.5C and with increasing risks of crossing irreversible tipping points.

Article Excerpt, (41 Scientists, 2020)

41 Scientists. (2020, 04 December) 10 myths about net-zero targets and carbon offsetting, busted. Climate Home News. https://www.climatechangenews.com/2020/12/11/10-myths-net-zero-targets-carbon-offsetting-busted/