Conceptual Joining

Wood Structures from Detail to Utopia / Holzstrukturen im Experiment

Description from the de publisher:

This book explores experimental approaches to the design and construction of wooden structures in architecture, while presenting the results of an artistic research project.

Through the use of digital tools, the anatomy of wood becomes a design-determining principle for spatial structures. The architects and artists also explore the potential of traditional craftsmanship and derive from this a material-oriented practice. Structures are not designed here for a specific use, but rather open up various usage possibilities due to their unique spatial and geometric properties.

The documentation provides insight into an open-ended research process. Guest contributions reflect on the underlying concepts and thus the future relevance of wood as a building material.

  • Innovative concepts and ideas for building and construction based on the natural raw material wood
  • Detailed documentation of the project with a focus on the process of artistic research
  • Selected expert contributions from related disciplines

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Allner, L., Kaltenbrunner, C., Kröhnert, D., Reinsberg, P., Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna & Institute of Art Sciences and Art Education at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (2021). Conceptual Joining: Wood Structures from Detail to Utopia / Holzstrukturen im Experiment. Berlin, Boston: Birkhäuser.