Vision Zentrumsgebiet Bad Ragaz – Forming Spaces Creating Places | Ssse | OvO associates architects

Architects: Ssse | OvO Associates Architects
Location: Bad Ragaz, Switzerland
Year: 2019
Concept: Community Engagement
Photos by Gilbert Koskamp

In a two-part series, community engagement through a pop-up exhibit space was created at the entrance while the rest of the hotel was under renovation. 

The first part was to share the history of Bad Ragaz and to acknowledge the village’s relationship with the river. The Bad Ragaz, Switzerland community has been part of a long history of traditional Swiss bathhouses from the river and surrounding watershed. Swiss architects like Bernhard Simon were influenced by the river and water in the early and mid-1800s. Designs included the accommodation of the transport and flow of water to the bathhouses. See brochure created here: Fluss und Einfluss Brochure

Now over 150 years later, the Bad Ragaz is changing. The second part of the exhibition illustrated the potential future use of the centre of the village. By acknowledging the placement and archway viewports from existing buildings, a plaza with multi-function timber construction was proposed. By introducing new commercial, auditorium and cultural space, the building would highlight the existing architecture.  See brochure here: Vision Zentrumsgebiet Bad Ragaz as well as the 3D exhibit: Exhibition

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