The Deaconesses of St.Loup Temporary Chapel | Localarchitecture and Danilo Mondada

Architects: Localarchitecture and Danilo Mondada
Location: Saint-Loup, Pompales, Switzerland
Year: 2008
Timber Concepts: Temporary Structure, Timber Construction
Photo by Milo Keller

In collaboration with the research of Hani Buri and Yves Weinand from the IBOIS laboratory at the EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne), a fold-like structure was designed as a temporary space of faith while the “motherhouse” of the Deaconess Community of St-Loup was under renovation.

“The team developed a structure using timber panels, which makes it possible to cover large areas with fine sections. The shape was generated using computer software that calculates the load-bearing structure, determines the dimensions and transmits this information to the machine that cuts out the 6-cm thick timber panels.”


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