The Construction Material Pyramid

Define by the researchers:

In Denmark, everyone knows the food pyramid. It tells us about the relationship between our food intake and our health. What we can eat in large quantities and what should we eat less of.

Based on the food pyramid’s graphical language, we at the Centre for Industrialised Architecture (CINARK) at the Royal Danish Academy have developed a digital version of the Construction Material Pyramid, which we published as a poster in 2019.

The digital version of the Construction Material Pyramid makes it possible to compare, for example, CO2 footprints between different categories of materials or between material types within the same category. It also makes it possible to view different kinds of environmental impacts across the different materials. It thus offers a tangible, interactive calculation tool and at the same time opens up a dialogue about more detailed studies of the materials’ position in the pyramid and later their place in the project design. The goal is that it provides a simple way to gain a quick overview of the relative sustainability of the individual building materials.

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