Structures in Building Culture (2014 Erasmus Workshop)

As part of the Structures in Building Culture Erasmus Intensive Programme, coordinated by the Institute of Architecture and Planning at the University of Liechtenstein, a series of booklets were printed following the series of materials that have been studied for the past 8 workshops.

Highlighting the 2014 workshop in Liechtenstein, Crafting Wood, students constructed a 1:1 scale log house. The deeply rooted log home tradition and architecture of the Liechtenstein Alps were investigated and applied through the creation of 1:1 scale joints, sketching, and construction in the Alps. The project was constructed in 10 days and challenged students with problem-solving and experimentation, which lead to a creative outcome. As a highlight, students were greeted every day with a spectacular view of the mountains from the building site.

Read more and see more images from the 2014 workshop here: Website

2011 Structures in Building Culture Workshop with Wood booklet: Issuu

2014 Workshop coordinated by University of Lichtenstein, CH