Mjøstårnet The Tower of Lake Mjøsa |2019

Architects: Voll Arkitekter

Mjøstårnet, also known as the Tower of Lake Mjøsa, is a tall building located in Brumunddal, Norway. It was designed by Voll Arkitekter and completed in 2019. The tower stands at a height of 85.4 meters and has 18 floors.

Mjøstårnet is known for being the tallest wooden building in the world, with the majority of its construction made from sustainable and environmentally friendly materials. The building is constructed from laminated timber, which provides a sturdy and durable structure, and has an impressive design that features a tapered shape and a combination of glass and wooden elements.

Apart from being a remarkable feat of engineering and architecture, Mjøstårnet also serves as a hub for a range of businesses, including offices, apartments, a hotel, and a restaurant. The building has received numerous accolades for its design and sustainability, and it stands as a testament to the innovative and environmentally conscious approach that Voll Arkitekter has brought to its construction.