Graduation 2020 | Dreams, Power and Indifference: Architectural Means in a Young Kosovo

Dreams, Power and Indifference: Architectural Means in a Young Kosovo by Annebé Brouwer, Masters of Architecture TU Delft, Interiors, Buildings, Cities Thesis Studio (2019-2020)

Mentor: Pimlott, M
Research Mentor: Rosbottom, D.J.
Building Technology Mentor: Koskamp, G.

By Annebe Brouwer from Dreams, Power and Indifference: Details

Architecture plays a complex role in the history of Kosovo. On the surface, the Kosovar attitude appears not to value architecture for anything other than what it visibly represents. Yet, on a deeper level, this attitude reveals a lack of awareness that society now can and should take responsibility for its urban environment. It is this absence of agency that condones extensive littering and the almost absolute obliteration of the remaining historic urban fabric for parking lots and generic contemporary housing….The question thus becomes; how can architecture unwind this historical way of dealing with public space and through citizen engagement bring forward a discourse on agency and belonging in one’s urban environment. What role can the architect play here? How can he or she justify his or her presence? 

Excerpts from abstract, Annebé Brouwer

The final outcome of this project focuses on allowing younger people to engage and learn the construction of the designed buildings. The intention is to empower people and give ownership of the buildings to the community of Kosovo. By utilizing timber, community members able to engage in the construction as well as learn new skills of timber construction which is a lifelong skill.

Annebé Brouwer’s thesis was featured and won second in the Netherlands 2021 Archiprix: Archiprix

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