dRMM | Treelogy Text and Treeptych Drawing

In a three-part essay, dRMM studio discusses the roles of tree and timber construction in our ecosystem and environment. Developed by dRMM’s sustainability and Regenerative Design Manager, Kat Scott, and Architecture Assistant, Finbar Charleson, the three pieces address climate action and responsible timber applications and research within the construction industry. Paired with carefully crafted illustrations, named Treeptych, the series was released coincided with the COP26.

Treelogy Part I: Learning from Woodlands


vignette by dRMM

Treelogy Part II: The Tree and Timber


vignette by dRMM

Treelogy Part III: The Urban Forest


vignette by dRMM

See dRMM studio website for more details about the three essays: http://drmmstudio.com/drmm-launches-a-three-part-essay-on-trees-and-timber/