ARCHIBORESCENCE | Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Architects: Vincent Callebaut Architectures
Location: Lille, France
Year: 2021
Concept: CLT Construction, Urban Design
Render by Vincent Callebaut Architectures

“It is now a matter of producing as close as possible to the consumer and building with a minimum of resources in order to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.”

Vincent Callebaut

The project named Archiborescence combines the terms architecture and arborescence to illustrate the combination of cities and ecosystems for the renovation of A Riparian District. To be constructed with CLT with PEFC-certification, guaranteeing the use of local wood, the urban design and building proposal includes five pillars that reflect environmental considerations. Double insulation in the construction is to be made with natural materials such as straw, hemp and cellulose wadding is proposed. In addition, interior fittings will be labelled as Cradle to Cradle in order to achieve the nearly zero-waste objective. 

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