Urbach Tower | ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart

Architects and Designers: ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart
Location: Urbach, Germany
Year: 2019
Concept: Digital Design, Curved Timber, Timber Construction
Photos by ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart

This pioneering development constitutes a paradigm shift in timber manufacturing from elaborate and energy-intensive mechanical forming processes that require heavy machinery to a process where the material shapes entirely by itself

– Univeristy of Stuttgart

Landmark building in Urbach, Germany by designers and researchers from the University of Stuttgart. By utilizing the natural curve of wood caused by the removal of moisture content, this structure shows a shift away from energy-intensive mechanical forming processes and emphasizes sustainable architectural forms in buildings. Each of the 12 CLT curved components were regionally sourced from Switzerland and were designed through timber computational mechanic models which predict and optimize the material arrangement to create different curve types and radius. The Urbach Tower is the first structure to implement such technology of self-shaping manufacturing with timber boards and opens up new possibilities of more sustainable timber construction.

Prof. Achim Menges from ICD Insitute for Computational Design and Construction, Univerisity of Stuttgart will be giving an open lecture for the Touching Cellulose event on 20 September at 16:45.

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