Rethinking Timber Buildings

This report is intended for anyone wanting a strategic overview of timber construction and its recent upsurge in popularity. It considers seven perspectives on the use of timber in building design, exploring where and when it is used, factors influencing its adoption, and how it might evolve. These seven factors best reflect timber’s current social, technological, environmental, economic and political context, and provide a broad and holistic review:

  • Managing our carbon budget
  • Urban densification
  • Wood and well-being
  • The future is prefabricated
  • Sustainable sourcing
  • Knowing the material
  • Innovating with wood

The report is relevant to those who need to take a long view of construction industry trends, and anyone who has a stake in the materials we choose to build with, and the implications these choices have for the environment, for speed of process, for quality of outcome, and for the amenity and safety of occupants. (ARUP. 2019)

This book was Produced by ARUP and can be download free from the next link.