Multi-storey Bamboo Structures in the Tropics | Santiago Reinel

Architect: Santiago Reinel
Location: Delft, Netherlands
Year: 2021 – 2022
Concept: Bamboo, Engineered Bamboo
Photos by Santiago Reinel

Confronted with a rapidly moving real estate sector
facing an emerging population growth and the demand
for economic demands, quality and esthetics on the part
of users, architecture in Colombia has taken a turn in its
principles by following prototypes or architectural models
far from its tradition and its climate analysis. It is
common to find very similar buildings in Santa Marta then
those you can find in cities with radically different
climates. This proves the lack of rigor that their design
has in terms of form, materials, structures and other
aspects that have been overshadowed by stereotypes of
modern architectural movements that do not go beyond
the aesthetic appearance and are incompatible with their
specific regional climate and context.

What if the default antiquated construction systems
currently used for urban tropical architecture in Colombia
could be substituted for an innovative hybrid building
system centered on local material sourcing of
standardized engineered bamboo construction products,
therefore establishing bamboo as a contemporary and
sustainable architectural element that promotes
environmental and social values?