Graduation 2018 |The Contemporary Khan

The Contemporary Khan by Jorien Cousijn, Masters of Architecture TU Delft, Design as Politics Studio (2017-2018)

Mentors: Teerds, H., Koskamp, G., Munoz Sanz, V., Hobma, F.

In this project, the design of a contemporary version of the historic khan for new arrivals in present-day Istanbul is explored through architectural research. The research for this project focused on three aspects: (1) Istanbul, a tumultuous city between the east and west as the context. (2) The migrant trying to make his way in the city as the user. (3) The Khan, or han, in Turkish, a architectural legacy specific to old Istanbul as the building type…The project explores how the khans concepts can be transformed to a contemporary reinterpretation. In this reinterpretation, the khan is a place for arrivals: migrants who recently came to Istanbul in search of work, drawing parallels with the past use of khans. 

Abstract, Jorien Cousijn

The final outcome of this project utilizes flexible timber in the construction as a means to acknowledge and reinterpret the construction and architecture of the Khan.

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