Circular Construction Materials Architecture Tectonics | CINARK

“We are in an emergency: many international experts say that we must act now, that all potential soluation must be considered… and it will require a building culture that contains redically different solutions than those used in construction today. Likewise, it requires a new framework of understanding with regard to the choice and handling of materials, construction techniques, and how buildings are thought and designed in relation to recycling and lifetime.”

CINARK, Circular Construction Materials Architecture Tectonics, 2019

Published in 2019, CINARK’s text shows the flexibility and application of different biobased materials in the construction of future buildings. This was first illustrated in an exhibition by Circular Economics in Architecture and Design and KADK in 2017, showing three wall structures in brick, wood and straw with explanations in a series of pictures, drawings, and analyses of their building performance. The book shares more insights into tectonic solutions through circular thinking in the design process.

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Head of Centre for Industrialized Architecture (CINARK), Anna Beim, is giving a lecture during the Touching Cellulose open lecture series on September 13th at 16:45.